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Every home and room, needs just the right touch of light to perfectly accent a room. We are proud to offer some of the finest the talents of Craftsman Made in USA, Far Eastern, and European artisans from the 7 continents. Veiw our Lighting collections from chandeliers, ceiling lights, table lamps, and outdoor lighting for your lighting projects. We invite you to browse our collections to find a style that's right for you. Thousands of decorative styles in many designs are inspired by the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany, Dirk Van Erp, Gustav Stickley, and other masters. Check our many choices of Handcrafted and built-to-order Lighting products, Veiw Tiffany Lamps to Wrought Iron lighting products. Discover glorious Kutani Porcelains from Japan, elegant lead crystals from Germany and Florentine tole ware from Italy.

We are new entrants to this competitive industry but come with an in-depth knowledge of the market and a commitment to provide the best quality goods for our customers.

Lampetia an authorized lighting dealer operated company located in New Hampshire, an online ecommerce retailer of next generation lighting products, due to advancements in lighting technology being used today. We hope you can gain the new insights and ideas and to acquire future energy savings of which Lampetia brings, Improving ambience, and energy efficiency designes. There are a number of new, eco-lighting Innovations like OLED for lighting your home today. How buying bulbs in the USA and from around the world is about to change using Lumens not watt's. Click here to learn more about the new Lumens and the "NEW" Lighting Facts label.

At Lampetia, we sell unique collections and premium designer lighting fixtures including pendants, table & desk lamps, floor lamps, wall & ceiling lights and outdoor lights from the likes of Wildwood Lamps, Frederick Cooper and Chelsea House Whether you're looking to style your lounge, kitchen, bathroom or dining area or a new commercial space, we’re here to help you add that special finishing touch with our luxury range of designer and contemporary lighting. You will find lighting fixtures of Kutani Porcelains from Japan, elegant lead crystals from Germany and Florentine tole ware from Italy. But each lamp is still individually inspired and created by hand. A unique collection reflecting the talents of Far Eastern and European artisans combined with the creative efforts of American craftsmen.

Our high quality lighting solutions opens the door for consumers to benefit from sustainable practices and build enticing spaces to bring better results in the home. Of all the options, light-emitting diodes (LED) will be the most valuable to any home owner. LED's are mostly used now in small electronic devices, autos, or flashlights to the future of indoor Horticultural lighting, Light Therapy, and the home. LED's offer the best combination of brightness illumination and longevity today. The future of light start today!

We sell premium design direct to architects, interior designers, residential customers and commercial spaces. As an operation we now sell our products to a truly nationwide audience, lighting beautiful homes, hotel bedrooms and public areas, coffee bars and restaurants all over America. Today we see more opportunity for lighting, more desire for design and more passion for innovation. This is why we are so passionate about this business and why we are so inspired to share it with you

How we do it..

Sourcing traditional designs together with new ideas and inspirations we pride ourselves with bringing you the best in lighting design.
We sell beautiful, iconic, authentic, and custom made lighting fixtures. We don't do fashionable, we don't do this seasons look, we do forever fabulous.

ARTWARE - in pure brass, lead crystal, hand decorated porcelain, alabaster, iron, and other fine materials - is painstakingly HAND polished, sanded, painted, antiqued, assembled and wired to insure the high quality

Our Priority..

While we pride ourselves with selling top quality products at low prices, our main priority is customer satisfaction, our loyal friendly staff are pleased to act as your own personal shopper for an easier shopping experience. For online services, check out our new Lighting Brands.

Our online catalog is updated daily to bring you the latest in lighting designs. The site is easy to navigate with separate sections for each type of lighting product. Within each section we have created sub categories that contain each specific lighting type.

Unlike many other lighting outlets we only supply lighting and associated products. All of our products have integrity and will provide you with many years of excellent trouble free service. We will never knowingly sell a product of inferior quality.

You can order over the phone or online. We accept all major credit cards, through PayPal.

The future..

We have some exciting few months to look forward to, we've just launched an extensive new range for Autumn/Winter with over 10000 new lines to choose from. Christmas Tree Seasonal Decor's for residential and Commercial Christmas Decor. Suitable For Indoor or Outdoor Uses. Giant Trees - up to 80 feet high

Bring Organic light into your home, discover next generation of artisans using OLEDs which are changing the world of light. OLED, the organic lighting technology of tomorrow available today.

OLED lighting will soon shine on you

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Today we see more opportunity for lighting, more desire for design and more passion for innovation. This is why we are so passionate about this business and why we are so inspired to share it with you

We also maintain the Modern, Classical and Contemporary lighting products to the public. Some of the styles may be familiar to you. We work with well-established custom manufacturers lighting designers in the USA and other parts of the world. Our website is dedicated to assist you with your lighting requirements. We offer you the widest range of contemporary lighting products and we are committed to help you find products, With just the right touch of light, to fit your needs and meet your budget requirements.

Our Values


We believe you can't have a good relationship without honesty. We're really motivated to earn a 5 star rating from you and to keep you as a satisfied customer for years to come. We know that type of satisfaction can't happen if we're dishonest with you. Our core values, holding the highest ethical standards. We only do business with those core morals in mind. It's the only way we've ever done it, and the only way we ever will.


Offering quality products leads to happier customers. When you shop at https://lampetia.us/, we put a lot of effort into making sure the items we sell will do the job well for you. There are entire brands of lighting products that we choose not to offer for sale simply because of the reputation for poor quality and the possibilities of hazardous materials used in the manufactory process. Sure you can get those brands at other online lighting stores, but we can't, in good faith, list those Lighting products in our store. We are all about proving ourselves to you, and earning a level of trust well beyond what other stores can live up to.


We think getting a very simple, stress-free solution for your lighting needs shouldn't cost a fortune. We keep our prices down by working with the best lighting vendors and negotiating lower lighting products costs. We can get special costs on lighting products that many competitors are unable to get. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal Express option, in order to make it easier for you to get the lighting products you need.


We took a good, hard look at retail lighting websites as well as large-scale e-commerce platforms. We found a common problem with them all; they were too busy and complicated. It took too much mental energy to work our way around and find what we were looking for. Then, it took several different steps to complete orders. Technology is supposed to make things simpler, or so we thought. With https://lampetia.us/, we've started over from scratch and decided to push the envelope on bringing you a simple to use lighting store, with less ads, clutter and unnecessary information. Because of new advances in lighting. We added new categories and will add new ones as new products as they become available - Stay tooned! The future is brighter than one may think. We are currently in an illumination revolution - Look for new Organic LED's (OLED) to change how you may use light.


This is the life blood of https://lampetia.us/, as the concept of Excellent Service encompasses all the other values listed here. Great service involves being genuine and honest every time. It also requires quality products being available for an affordable price in an easy to use shopping experience, and getting them out the door within 24 hours of the order being placed. Service is at the core of who we are as individuals, and as a company. We really do care that you're happy and satisfied, and we'll do whatever we can to make sure you end up feeling that way.

Lampetia® is an online retailer that partners with product manufacturers to offer you a wide variety of lighting fixture or merchandise. We do not manufacture or warehouse products for third parties. Merchandise ordered from lampetia.us is usually shipped from the manufacturer's warehouse using third-party delivery services.

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Lampetia is a Limited Liability Company Since March, 2011